Free Showers in Tuolumne City, Jamestown and Sonora currently available!

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Reaching out to the Homeless with Heart

Tuolumne County’s best chance to make a difference in the lives of the homeless. 

GSAC is a Nonprofit Serving All Homeless of Tuolumne County

Showers are the First Step Toward Jobs and Renewed Social Interaction

Showers are critical for a sense of dignity and well-being. They improve hygiene and open up essential opportunities for those struggling to get back on their feet. Our Shower Bus and Outreach Services are designed to meet those in need where they are and work with them to obtain long-term stability. Mobile Shower Bus for Homeless in Tuolumne Outreach Case Management for Homeless in Tuolumne

Get Involved

Give Someone A Chance is Tuolumne County’s best chance to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of individuals, veterans and families affected by homelessness. By supporting GSAC programs you are helping neighbors and friends in our community. Every Tweet, updated status, donation and hour as a volunteer contributes to programs to end chronic homelessness. By getting involved you will know you are enriching the lives of those forgotten by our society.   

How I can Get Involved

How Can I Help?

Get Social: Spread the word about GSAC and the GSAC mission. Let people know on social media what you think and how your friends and family can help. If you can’t help directly perhaps you know someone who can.  

Get Involved: Become a volunteer. Give Someone A Chance has a number of ongoing projects and fundraisers. We need help at our scheduled shower sites and with transportation.   

Donate: We need donations in both funds and materials that we  distribute to the homeless on an ongoing basis. Your donations are tax deductible and help us to keep our mission alive.   


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions enable us to meet our goals, improve conditions fund our mission. Please mail checks payable to: Give Someone a Chance, PO Box 272,Jamestown, CA 95327 or use Paypal on line by the button  below. Thank You.

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Give Someone a Chance

PO Box 272, Jamestown, CA 95327, US

(209) 588-8377