Welcome To Give Someone a Chance

GSAC came into existence by reaching out to 3 homeless people in Tuolumne County in 2011, providing them with clothing, food, camping gear, wood, medical supplies, counseling, transportation, obtaining ID’s, food stamps, CMSP, and a host of other things.

The community, rallied around and began to offer their support. Because of the communities compassion for the homeless, and the personal progress made by the homeless individuals, the benefactors decided that they could serve the community better by forming a non-profit corporation.

Who we are

GSAC is made up of a 14 highly qualified business owners, a former homeless Veteran, and retired professionals. A purchase of 2.5 acres has been made by the benefactors to place a Men’s, Women’s interim housing and emergency shelter, a thrift shop, a vocational training building, and an organic garden.
See our Board of Directors here.

GSAC is endeavoring to make the effort self-sustaining. The benefactors continue to use their personal funds for the agency startup, but need your help with volunteer services and donations.

We are a non-profit 501-C3


May 15, 2012

Non-Profit Status:

Dec. 10, 2012